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Healthy, safe solutions, tailor-made for you

The consultation allows us to best assess your needs and make sure that you are suitable to have laser treatments. For you, it’s a chance to see the clinic, meet the therapists and ask any questions that you may have. This also includes a patch test. 

Skin treatments

Pigmentation Removal 

Single Lesion from £75

Pigmented lesions such as sunspots, age spots and freckles can be successfully cleared creating a more flawless, youthful and glowing appearance. 

Woman with Freckles

Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Half Face from £135

We offer laser skin rejuvenation - a highly effective, safe, and proven method of


Woman grooming her face

Onychomycosis (fungal nail infections) are contagious and easily spread. Laser therapy uses light at particular wavelengths to interact with the fungus without affecting the healthy skin or body.

Mani Pedi

We offer professional, market-leading hair removal treatments to deliver highly effective, safe, and proven permanent reduction of unwanted hair on the body and face for both men and women.


Laser Hair Removal

Thread Vein Removal 

Single Lesion from £75

We offer efficient and effective treatments to safely improve and remove any unwanted vascular skin concerns. 


Getting a Facial

Acne Laser Treatment

Half Face from £95

We offer a professional acne treatment that delivers a highly effective, safe, and proven method of reducing acne.

Cheerful Woman

Treatment Courses Available

For the best results we recommend a course of treatments. 

Up to 20% off when you purchase a course of 6 sessions.

Available to purchase in the clinic. 

Model's Lower Face
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