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Dr Nancy Aesthetics

Medical Aesthetic Clinic

Dr Nancy London: A Doctor-Led Aesthetic Clinic. Spearheaded by Dr Nancy Sharma, a renowned medical practitioner with an unwavering commitment to artistry and patient well-being. Dr Sharma’s illustrious career in skin and aesthetics has culminated in creating a clinic that harmoniously merges medical expertise with aesthetic innovation. With a deep understanding of facial anatomy, skin ageing and the latest advancements in non-surgical rejuvenation, Dr Sharma curates personalised treatment journeys that celebrate individuality while achieving natural, transformative results. Our clinic is a testament to integrity and transparency, where every consultation is characterised by open dialogue and education, ensuring patients make informed decisions. Under Dr Sharma’s leadership, Dr Nancy London embodies a sanctuary where science meets art, empowering our valued clients to embrace their authentic beauty and radiate confidence inside and out.


 Meet Dr Nancy


Founder And Clinical Director

MBBS, Masters In Clinical Dermatology (Cardiff University)
Level 7 Diploma In Aesthetic Medicine (Harley Academy, London)

Dr Nancy Sharma is a visionary aesthetic doctor and accomplished entrepreneur who has redefined the landscape of beauty and self-confidence. With a distinguished dermatology and aesthetic medicine background, Dr Sharma’s journey began with a genuine dedication to enhancing her patients’ natural allure. After graduating with merit from a prestigious medical institution, she swiftly became a sought-after practitioner known for her meticulous techniques and artistic eye. Dr Sharma’s innate entrepreneurial spirit drove her to establish Dr Nancy London. Under her guidance, Dr Nancy has become a haven for those seeking age-defying treatments that embrace authenticity and individuality. 

Treatment List

Initial Consultation

Redeemable against treatment if done on the same day


Anti-wrinkle Injections

1 Area

2 Areas

3 Areas

Per Additional Area

Neck Lift

Migraine Relief

Excess Underarm Sweating

Teeth Grinding










Lip Filler 0.5ml

Lip Filler 1ml

Marionette Lines 1ml

Nasolabial Lines 1ml

Tear Trough 1ml

Cheek Filler 1ml

Chin Filler

Jawline Filler

8 Point Facelift









From £900.00


Face Per Treatment

(2/3 required, 4 weeks apart)

Neck Per Treatment

(2/3 required, 4 weeks apart)

Face & Neck Per Treatment

(2/3 required, 4 weeks apart)

Hands Per Treatment

(2/3 required, 4 weeks apart)



Hybrid Injectables


2ml of serum




From £295.00

From £900.00

From £450


Microneedling Package

(3 treatments, 4 weeks apart

Microneedling Package

(6 treatments, 4 weeks apart



Fat Dissolving Injections


Skin Boosters

Vitamin B12 Injection

Biotin Injection

Thread Lift (Coming Soon)

Per Thread

From £350.00







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