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Huge Demand for Pain Free Laser Hair Removal Answered by Cotswolds Laser Clinic in partnership with Mayfair & Grace

Cotswolds Laser Clinic have just announced the release of their gold standard FDA approved Motus AY from Deka in partnership with Lynton. Like no other device, the Motus AY is the world’s first and only laser hair removal technology to deliver two gold-standard lasers, Alexandrite and Nd:YAG, in a virtually painless mode for ALL skin types. This provides what both Cotswolds Laser Clinic and Lynton claim to be the “jump in future of laser hair removal treatments”.

To get a real understanding of how this unique technology works, we spoke to Lynton’s Clinical Director, Dr Samantha Hills: “Traditionally, despite the Alexandrite laser being the most effective for laser hair removal, it can be a quite an uncomfortable treatment compared to other alternatives. – until now! Motus Moveo Technology helps overcome the uncomfortable aspect of this treatment by changing the way the laser is reflected by the skin, allowing all clients to receive virtually pain free laser hair removal treatment, with the gold-standard results of a traditional Alexandrite laser. Better yet, alongside a proven safety record, this treatment is suitable for ALL skin types and dense course hair or thin sparse hairs. You will find treatment sessions to be very fast, even for large areas such as the legs or back”.


How does laser hair removal work?

Light is emitted and absorbed by melanin within the hair, which is then converted to heat energy damaging the hair follicle.

What does a lase

r treatment feel like?

With standard laser hair removal treatments, you can feel what is described as a ‘hot flick’ of an elastic band during treatment. However, with the brand-new pain free Motus MOVEO treatment you will feel little to no sensation at all. The built-in chill tip allows even more comfort for clients especially when treating an area with lots of dense and dark hair.

How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions required varies from client-to-client and is dependant on many factors. However, as a guideline, it is always recommended to complete a course of at least six sessions per area treated.

How long will it take for me to see results?

Clinical studies show that clients have seen outstanding results in as little as four sessions.

Who is suitable for treatments?

Most people are suitable for treatment. We recommend a consultation with your clinician to ascertain if the treatment will be successful for you. Grey/white hair has no melanin so is not suitable for treatment.

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